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Professional opportunities

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The lower segments of the income pyramid are a diverse and viable market. Opportunities for graduates skilled in building and running Base of Pyramid businesses are equally diverse: ranging from locally-owned social enterprises and SMEs, non-profits and development organizations, to impact investment firms and multinationals seeking to expand their footprint to low-income markets. Business Schools for Impact internships reflect this diversity and are available in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Professional opportunities

  • Tapona Foundation/Eggpreneur

    Kenya - Data Analyst / Research Assistant Internship

    Tapona Foundation is non-governmental organization committed to reduce extreme poverty and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth among families and communities in Kenya and Africa. Its first initiative is Eggpreneur, Eggpreneur is a social enterprise working alongside remote rural communities in Kenya to build sustainable egg farming ventures that help families put an end to the cycles of poverty. 

    The Eggpreneur model trains and engages Women egg farmers, also known as “Eggpreneurs” to develop, knowledge and skills and partnerships for sustainable egg production. This model aims to use poultry farming techniques as a tool to eradicate child malnutrition while creating jobs and increasing household income for Kenyan women in rural communities.

    Please visit the website: for more info about Eggpreneur

    Intern Responsibilities:

    Eggpreneur is seeking a sharp, business-minded individual with data analysis and research skills. The primary duties of the Data Analyst/ Research Assistant Intern include utilizing a variety of techniques to interpret results and identify new markets and analyse data to explore future opportunities.

    Some examples of the position responsibilities and roles include

    • Design, develop, implement and maintain business solutions
    • Complete various baseline market research project 
    • Interpret results using a variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation via statistical analysis to complex data mining.
    • Participate in marketing meetings and strategic planning
    • Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned.

  • GreenChar

    Kenya - Multiple Internship Opportunities Internship

    GreenChar is an  award-winning social enterprise in Kenya that provides rural households and the urban poor with affordable, high-quality renewable cooking fuel. The firm produces and distributes charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste, which are smokeless, contain higher energy content, and last longer than conventional wood charcoal and firewood. GreenChar’s briquettes help curb unsustainable deforestation, reduce respiratory-related health problems, and provide families in Kenya with an affordable and more efficient alternative to conventional fuel sources. GreenChar founder and CEO, Tom Osborn, is a Forbes 2015 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

    Several internship opportunities are available, with combinations of the following objectives:

    •  Help develop GreenChar’s branding strategy to ensure brand visibility of our products

    •  Help advance GreenChar’s marketing strategy to ensure strong market penetration

    •  Help establish and maintain GreenChar’s sales and distribution channels 

    •  Help maintain and increase efficiency of daily management and production operations

    •  Develop and implement strategy to mobilize and inspire the general public, organizations, institutions and other groups to support GreenChar’s activities either financially or in-kind

    •  Oversee the organization’s digital communication, including the content for the website, social media, and newsletters

    •  Maintain extensive and positive relationships with national and international media, and develop press materials to enhance understanding and appreciation of GreenChar’s activities

    •  Participate in strategic planning with the Chief Executive Officer and other management team members

    •  Assist with planning and execution of GreenChar’s activities, including product launches

  • Wooden Children Furniture Manufacturing

    Mauritius - Stage Marketing Internship

    L'activité principale de la société consiste à fabriquer des meubles en bois, y compris le mobilier pour usage domestique, pour le bureau, les hôtels, les mariages, les écoles et les enfants . La société offre à la fois  des meubles sur mesure et prêts à poser. 

    La mission principale de ce stage sera de soutenir le CEO dans ses missions telles que:

    L'analyse de la section du marketing de notre organisation afin de formuler une stratégie de marketing 

    - La création d'un plan marketing et communication pour l'organisation.

    The company’s main activity consists of manufacturing of wooden furniture including household, corporate, hotels, wedding, schools and kids furniture. The company offers both readymade standard and tailor made furniture.

    The intern will support the CEO in:

    - The analysis of the marketing section of our organization with respect to a growth strategy

    - The preparation of a marketing and communication plan for the organisation

  • Human Nature

    Philippines - Multiple Opportunities Internship

    Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. is behind the brand Human Nature, currently the Philippines number 1 brand of all-natural and organic cosmetics and personal/home care products.  More than being known for their world-class products, they are primarily a social enterprise driven by the core philosophy of Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment -- seeking to inspire more businesses to better serve society.  Human Nature continues to strive to transform the lives of the impoverished and underprivileged around the world through successful and sustainable social enterprises and quality natural products for everyone.  

    Intern Responsibilities:

    There are multiple internship opportunities available.

    • International business -- assist with international business management, including exporting/importing
    • Supply chain management -- support logistics and distribution activities
    • Marketing --  analyze potential of new products and new customers
    • Social enterprise development -- research and implement opportunities
    • Human resources -- assist with internal management of the orgnaization

  • Man Fair Co.

    Taiwan - Marketing Internship

    The objective of Man Fair is to promote equality for all. Man Fair Co. Ltd is a social enterprise set up by Ai-Heng Training Center for Mental Development in Hsin-Chu city, its mission is to guide disabled adults to become productive members of society, offering opportunities for them to enter the workforce, with all profits going towards charity, and to help disabled individuals become self-sufficient through gainful employment. Man Fair Co. Ltd is involved in providing outsource services and sale of products such as coffee, tea and rice crackers. Besides helping to promote products manufactured by disabled employees at Man Fair Sheltered Workshop, and seeking opportunities to work with companies who share our mission, we also hope to explore and create more economic opportunities for disabled adults. 

    Intern Responsibilities:

    • Conceptualizing and implementing story-telling marketing
    • Exploring exporting strategies and plans
    • Assessing potential for new markets and new products

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