Ronald Chua


Ronald Chua


AIM (Analysis Institute of Management)

Business strategy

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Operations, Strategy and Development Management


Professor Ronald T. Chua is on the core faculty of the Institute. He teaches statistics, operations management, and strategy in AIM’s degree and non-degree programs in both the business and development management schools of the Institute. He also offers an elective in Microfinance and Development.

At AIM, Prof. Chua was part of the faculty teams that incubated the Master in Development Management and subsequently the Master in Entrepreneurship program.

Prof. Chua has been involved in the Microfinance sector since 1992 in various capacities. His roles in the sector have included being a practitioner, a board member of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and of a microfinance wholesale institution, a researcher, a policy and industry advocate, a trainer, workshop facilitator, educator, and consultant.

He has worked in various capacities with microfinance institutions, microfinance and academic network organizations, multilateral and bilateral agencies, capacity building organizations, academic institutions, and microfinance support NGOs.

His topics of research have included studying transactions costs of MFIs, impact assessment, small and microenterprise development, MFI performance assessment, multiple borrowing, MFI poverty outreach, financial inclusion and applying market research tools for testing an interest rate disclosure instrument.

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