Nnamdi Madichie


Nnamdi Madichie

United Kingdom

Associate Professor

London School of Business and Management


Details on main field of study / representative publications

Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Nnamdi Madichie has research interests in the general area of marketing (higher education, sports and entertainment) and entrepreneurship (gender, ethnic, diaspora and international) in the context of emerging markets. He is currently Editor of the African Journal of Business and Economic Research; as well as Guest Editor on the IJBEM Special Issue of Business Education in the MENA. Dr Madichie has contributed cases, book chapters and a textbook on consumer behavior on areas of his research interests.

Teaching material

  • Auntie Muni - Informal Woman Business in Ghana

    This case study highlights how a woman business owner navigated the harsh realities of Ghana's informal sector and what lessons might be learnt by budding entrepreneurs. It also looks at policy implications for formalizing the informal sector.

  • Heaven Kigali – Narratives & Realities of a Woman Business Owner

    This study highlights the story of Heaven Restaurant & Bar in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, owned and managed by Alissa Ruxin, an American woman who has been doing business in a foreign country since 2006. The study develops a teaching case using the narratives of Alissa who sought to overcome the liability of foreignness as a minority entrepreneur.

  • Marketing for SMEs

    This course is designed for senior undergraduate students interested in understanding the nature and role of marketing in the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) contexts.

  • Social Entrepreneurship & the Business of Saving Lives

    Social issues addressed through entrepreneurship benefit the community through work, employment and personal development. The question, however, remains as to how social enterprises may inform public policy. The case cites an illustration from sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), as the region battles a modern day pandemic - The Ebola virus.

  • UAE Shopping Malls

    There have been numerous developments in shopping malls in developing markets, transition markets and emerging markets from lifestyle centers to community shopping centers and regional malls.

Internships and jobs

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