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Professional opportunities

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The lower segments of the income pyramid are a diverse and viable market. Opportunities for graduates skilled in building and running Base of Pyramid businesses are equally diverse: ranging from locally-owned social enterprises and SMEs, non-profits and development organizations, to impact investment firms and multinationals seeking to expand their footprint to low-income markets. Business Schools for Impact internships reflect this diversity and are available in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Professional opportunities

  • Brascolor

    Uruguay - Marketing & Management Internship

    The firm sells different kinds of paint to consumers, professionals and ‘do it yourself’. While paint are sold directly to consumers in both stores, the firm also has a sales representative focused on construction and maintenance business firms.  

    Main objective: 

    The intern will assist in the development of a more efficient and effective organization and processes, to achieve better results. 

    We compromise to support the intern and take into account his ideas and suggestions. 

    It is a priority for us to achieve our goals making sure there is harmony and cooperation between employees. 

    Concrete output(s)/deliverable(s): receive support from the intern to develop a more profitable and efficient business.  

    Key activities: 

     Analyze the development of the activities, processes and methods applied in our business within marketing, technology and administration areas. 

    Establish possible strategies to improve these areas' performance.

    Define a plan which plots the stages for the implement of these strategies and associated processes.

    The intern will be working with the manager and with the employees of the different areas he or she is analyzing.

  • Angel Bites

    Zambia - Business Management Internship

    Angel Bites is a general food and catering company. It coordinates female agri-business out-grower schemes in terms of improved organic production methods and training. The company also links up the MSMEs to potential markets, sources of financing and partnerships, trainers and training materials. 

    The intern will assist the manager in:

    - Preparing a study on the company's operations and advising on structural and logistical improvements.

    - Creating a website and computerized system for the company.

    - Advising on alternative and sustainable eco-friendly food production, preservation and packaging methods.

    - Providing training in the improved I.T. technologies, which should include Accounting and Stock-keeping software.

    - Developing a sound Business Plan for presentation to potential local and international partners and financiers.

    - Mentoring to line staff and producers.

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