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Professional opportunities

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The lower segments of the income pyramid are a diverse and viable market. Opportunities for graduates skilled in building and running Base of Pyramid businesses are equally diverse: ranging from locally-owned social enterprises and SMEs, non-profits and development organizations, to impact investment firms and multinationals seeking to expand their footprint to low-income markets. Business Schools for Impact internships reflect this diversity and are available in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Professional opportunities

  • Jaipur Rugs Group

    India - Fundraising & Partnership Development Internship

    Jaipur Rugs is the leading exporter and manufacturer of hand-made carpets in India. This group was founded by Nand Kishore Chaudhary in 1999, a social entrepreneur active in providing sustainable livelihoods to grassroots communities through the production of rugs matching international standards. It is composed of:

    • An Indian firm producing and exporting the rugs, Jaipur Rugs Company Pvt. Ltd.; 

    • A US firm in charge of dealing with American customers, Jaipur Rugs Inc.;

    • A trust supporting the artisans in rural areas, Jaipur Rugs Foundation.

    This hybrid model enables the group to create a durable impact for the communities and gives us a unique identity in the global carpet industry.

    The intern will be associated mainly with the Foundation. JRF works for the empowerment of grassroots communities, especially women and minorities. Through skill training to carpet production processes, capacity building and social development, underprivileged people receive the required support to start a sustainable transformation of their life.

    Since its creation in 2004, JRF has relied mainly on Jaipur Rugs Company for funds as well as for skills. But the need for more programmes and quicker growth has led the management team to decide to open the research for funds and partners, so that JRF can reach out to thousands more artisans through a variety of activities. The intern will take part in this development, through fundraising and partnership research.

    Concrete output(s)/deliverable(s): 

     A database of relevant funding opportunities;

    A database of potential partners for JRF;

    Assistance with the identification and sourcing of funding opportunities;

    Establish contacts with potential partners.

    Key activities: 

    Research on funding opportunities to which JRF could apply – CSR direction, international foundations, UN agencies, government grants, etc

    Support for preparation of project proposals – creation of budget, re-writing of content according to focus areas of identified grants;

    Research on partnership opportunities, mainly among NGOs, networks, international organizations and UN agencies;

    Definition of the strategy to reach out to potential partners – standard e-mails, presentation, process for reminder;

    Other duties as required.

  • Shilpa Trust

    India - Marketing Management Internship

    Shilpa Trust is based in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Shilpa works with economically disadvantaged artisans, many of whom have not had access to education. The Managing Trustee of Shilpa Trust, Mr. M. Bhupathy, has been active within India’s fair trade community and is himself an accomplished craftsperson. He originally learned wood carving and turning from his father, who earning his living as an artisan. Bhupathy observed the business practices of retail agents in the community, and decided he wanted to bypass these intermediaries and create an organization that would be of more benefit for artisans. He established Shilpa Trust in 1992. Shilpa Trust provides artisans with children's educational assistance, free health check-ups, social security insurance, a loan program, skill training and product development.

    Intern Responsibilities:

    • Evaluate procedures and systems in place currently for marketing management
    • Suggest and implement improvements based on analysis
    • Develop marketing materials, refreshing design and branding approach
  • Sabala

    India - Strategic Marketing Internship

    Sabala, which has strong grass-roots presence and deep insight into women's concerns, was set up by a team of like-minded people drawn from various walks of life all having a common objective of women empowerment. Sabala has been contributing to inspiring initiatives based around the empowerment of women. One of the key objectives of the program is to empower women in all phases of life through skills training, thus building self-confidence. Sabala provides opportunities for the women to learn skills and translate these skills into productive activities that generate income. Sabala has been involved in the revival of the traditional Lambani and Kasuti crafts. They also have worked to bring structural changes through organizing and educating the community.

    Through producing high quality products, Sabala aims to promote sustainable livelihoods among ultra poor communities. We do so by empowering women, educating communities, and providing economic opportunities. Sabala is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization- Asia and is recognized for its fair trade standards. The products created at Sabala are traditionally hand made, high quality, and take heed to social responsibility.

    Intern Responsibilities:

    Depending on the intern's interests and expertise, we would like them to evaluate an area and develop a plan for addressing any gaps.

    • Marketing – Build a marketing plan for a financial year, including researching best practices in social media for social enterprises and working on promotional material for domestic as well as international markets.
    • Market research – Perform an analysis of buyers, countries, and brands on different continents.  Relate this to an understanding of the product needs of potential new customers. Develop a systematic process to contact new clients and track correspondence.
    • Product Innovation – The intern will be expected to study a country, its demographics and lifestyle to come with products suitable for that region that we can manufacture and market in the country considered for study. Design and develop new products in line with current trends with eye for detail. 
    • Internal management and organization – Studying and documenting the processes of the organization, identifying the weaknesses and suggesting efficient ways to overcome them.
    • Technology and IT tools – Manage e-commerce website and set up a sales process.


    Indonesia - Business Management Internship

    IBEKA is dedicated to making a significant contribution to improve the social and economic condition of the community in rural and remote areas by reconnecting the local resources to the local community using appropriate technology. In this way, IBEKA seeks to develop a  more equitable “future” economic model.

    IBEKA has its roots in a group of 22 students at the Bandung Institute of Technology who were frustrated with the development policy implemented by the Government in rural areas in late 70′s. 

    You can find out more on our website at:

    Intern Responsibilities:

    • Specific responsibilities can be altered to suit the intern's interests and background --  including marketing, market research, product innovation, internal management, and technology and IT.
    • The intern will work directly with rural communities across Indonesia, staying true to IBEKA's grassroots approach.
    • Advance projects central to IBEKAs business strategy, including product management, market expansion and business development
    • Interns will also learn the inner workings of IBEKA to experience how an NGO operates.

  • Pekerti

    Indonesia - Product Innovation and Design Internship

    Yayasan PEKERTI stands for  Indonesian People’s Handicraft Foundation. They are a Non Government Organisation  established in 1975 in response to the high unemployment rate amongst the rural poor due to changes in land ownership and mechanization of the agricultural sector. Pekerti’s founders saw the opportunity to train rural people to make alternative incomes from traditional craft production.

    Yayasan Pekerti’s vision is to establish a prosperous, democratic, and just society. They aim to:

    • improve artisan’s prosperity through an empowering program

    • create an environment which supports economic and fair trade through education and networks

    • strengthen the professionalism within Pekerti, its networks, and artisan groups in order to best participate in achieving economic democracy and fair trade.

    Over the years Pekerti has become a leader for craft sector development through a social development frame work. Pekerti now concentrates its programs on business training and market access services to its producers.

    Service provision for market access has enabled Pekerti to make a profit from the services that it provides. These profits enable Pekerti to be self sustaining and continue to provide services to its partners. The organization has a mandate that each a year percentage of profits is re-injected back in to the communities where they work. This may be in the form of soft loans, scholarships, training, etc.

    Pekerti is the original Indonesian member of Fair Trade, an alliance of ethically producing craft producers world wide. Membership to Fair Trade is through the governing body of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO global). As a member of WFTO, Pekerti and its partners are required to be ethical, environmentally friendly and socially aware when producing their craft.

    Intern Responsibilities:


    ➢ To provide rapid product designs to fashion & accessories producers, as well as lift the ability of producers to design for themselves.


    ➢ To enhance the capacity to undertake product design based on trends and market demand.

    ➢ Provide rapid target market identification to increase sales of fashion & accessories items in the short-term.

    ➢ Train Pekerti staff in skills for finishing, quality control and design ability.


    ➢ Work with Pekerti design team and selected producers in creating new product designs from concept 

    ➢ Conduct training on international market trends, design techniques, finishes and technical industrial "best practice".

    ➢ Conduct training on approach and methodologies for undertaking new designs that are market matched.

    ➢ Participate in entire process from design through to production and finish.  Evaluate designs against cost considerations.

    ➢ Visit producers' workshops, give technical and practical information for industry approach to production.


    ➢ Pekerti design staff will build their design capacity and enhance their ability to provide design training to other producing partners.

    ➢ New products or product ranges that are matched to market needs.

    ➢ Producers learn and are using new methods of design and can undertake this on their own.

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