Leemen Lee


Leemen Lee


Fu Jen Catholic University

Inclusive business and social entrepreneurship


Leemen Lee is assistant professor at the Department of Business Administration at Catholic Fu Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan. Prior to joining FJU in August, 2010, he served as assistant researcher at the Dharma Drum Buddist College and the preparatory office for the Dharma Drum University, Taipei, Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. in Political Economy and Public Policy from University of Southern California in May, 2004. His educational qualifications include B.A. (Electric Engineering), MBA, and Master of Nonprofit Organizations. Leemen's research interests are in social enterprise management and nonprofit management. Leemen is teaching social enterprise management at the Department of Business Administration and Department of Social Science at Fu Jen Catholic University. Leemen also offers managerial training workshops for practitioners of nonprofit organizations.

Teaching material

  • Social Changes, Issues and Social Entrepreneurship

    The course is designed to help students understand the working of a society as a whole, how social change may take place, and the need to re-direct the society to become more humanistic and sustainable.

  • Social Enterprise Management

    This is an introductory course to social entrepreneurship management.

  • Social Enterprise Operational Management

    This course intends to response to the issues often faced by the social enterprises, such as the insufficiency in marketing, human resource and financial management knowledge. Unlike the general for profit organizations, those who involve in social enterprise are motivated by social ideals and not only earning a living; social enterprise often involves labor intense organizational form and is social and human oriented; the characteristics of resources involved including social insights and awareness, the capacity in integration, innovation, and resilience; and much emphasis is given to the effective placement of social, material, human and financial resources; therefore this course hopes that through the exploration of the present situations of social enterprises, one may develop proper operational and management framework.

  • Social Problems and Social Innovation

    The course is designed to help students understand the complexity of social problems from multiple perspectives, as well as to design a series of educational and experiential programs for public awareness of pressing social problems.

  • Social Technology Innovation

    This course reviews technological innovations and its contribution to social change.

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