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Marie Lisa Dacanay


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Dr. Marie Lisa M. Dacanay is the founding President of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) and is a pioneer in social entrepreneurship education and research in the region. She was Associate Professor and Program Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship for Social and Development Entrepreneurs (MESODOV) at the Asian Institute of Management from 2001-2007. She is the principal author and editor of Creating Space in the Market: Social Enterprise Stories in Asia (2004), Measuring Social Enteprise: A Resource Book on Social Enterprise Performance Measurement (2009), Social Entrepreneurship: An Asian Perspective (2009), and Social Enterprises and the Poor: Transforming Wealth (2013). Ms Dacanay has more than 25 years of experience in development management and consulting, social entrepreneurship and international development and cooperation. She hold a Master in Development Management (with distinction) from the Asian Institute of Management (1996) and a PhD in Organizational and Management Studies from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark (2012). Her PhD thesis on Social Enterprises and the Poor shows how different stakeholder engagement models impact differently on the poor.

Teaching material

  • ISEA-BPI Foundation Course on Social Enterprise Financial Management and SROI

    The three-day course is one of the major outputs of a project called Social Enterprise Capacity Development on Financial Management and Social Return on Investment (SROI). It was a joint project between the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (PBI) Foundation undertaken from November 2011-June 2014. The project included a training needs assessment, the development of the course design and learning materials, development of the Training Handbook and the pilot delivery of the course to leaders and managers of social enterprises in the Philippines. The pilot run of the course, delivered in three batches reached 86 social enterprise leaders and managers in the Philippines. The participants gave an overall average rating of 4.54 to the course on a scale of 1-5 (1 lowest and 5 highest). The course has been incorporated as one of the modules under the Executive Courses Leading to a Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship jointly offered by ISEA and Ateneo School of Government in the Philippines. ISEA also partners with institutions to deliver a customized version of the course to various audiences.

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship Course

    The course introduces the student to evolving theories of social entrepreneurship in the context of the Philippines, where poverty and underdevelopment have deep systemic and historical roots.

  • Social Entrepreneurship in Asia: Case Collection on Philippines (Working Paper No. 2)

    This is the second working paper in the series on Social Entrepreneurship in Asia published by the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP). ACSEP’s mission is to advance the understanding and impactful practice of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy in Asia through research and education. While Asia is rich with the practice of social entrepreneurship given the plethora of social issues and challenges facing the region, there is still catch-up to be done in the documentation of these challenges and the responses from the private, public and people sectors.

Internships and jobs

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