Dewan Muktadir-Al- MUKIT


Dewan Muktadir-Al- MUKIT


Senior Lecturer

Eastern University

Finance and accounting

Details on main field of study / representative publications

i) Stock Market, ii) Investors’ Behaviour, iii) Monetary policy, iv) CSR, v) Green Financing, vi) Social Business


Dewan Muktadir-Al-Mukit is an academician currently working as Assistant
Professor at Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University,
Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has completed post graduation in Finance from
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has a strong academic work to his
credit with more than ten publications in the referred local and
International Journals. He has participated and presented papers in
various international conferences and also winner of best paper award.
Besides, he has been serving as reviewer of a number of international
peer reviewed academic journals. His one of the broad area of research
is Social Business. He has presented his Social Business research paper
in a number of international conference including Social Business
Academic Conclave and his Social Business article has  been published in
reputed journal.  He is also the instructor of 'Social Business Short
Course' of Eastern University, Dhaka which is run in collaboration with Yunus Centre.

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